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Online Gambling spurring battle in Washington DC

Despite the recent ruling that would allow online gaming in the US capital, two local politicians want the law repealed. Democrat Councilmembers Tommy Wells and Phil Mendelson are hoping to repeal the recent ruling that would allow for Internet gaming in Washington.

They recently introduced legislation to revoke the iGaming measure. Some point to the iGaming measure as one that shouldn’t have been allowed as it is said to have been snuck in to a budget bill at the end of the year. Since then, the idea has generated complaints over the bill and the idea of okaying Internet gaming. In fact, the United States, which allows a number of land-based casinos in a number of states, has been slow to allow online gambling.

Not everyone is happy with the recent law allowing for online gaming in the country’s capital

At the time the bill passed, there had not been sufficient public debate on the issue and council members were concerned about this issue.

The councilmember who initiated the measure, democrat Michael Brown, has taken a lot of heat for his involvement. Since the ruling, he has needed to defend his stance and his own credibility. It has been reported that he recently wrote a lengthy letter to his peers. In the letter, Brown maintained that the legislation in question had been introduced in a standard way. In addition, he said that online gaming as he envisions it would be safe and would not pose a threat to citizens at risk, such as underprivileged residents.

He continued that the gaming terminals would be located in appropriate venues and not in libraries or community centers. Brown also stated that his initiative had nothing to do with his former employer, a lobbying group involved in online gambling.

In the end, Brown defended iGaming. He said it was a “viable revenue enhancing vehicle to secure our social safety net and balance our budget during a time of fiscal crisis.”

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