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Online gambling bill passed in Washington: sneaky passage investigated

When the first online poker legislation in the United States was passed last December in Washington, D.C., proponents were thrilled. But, even after many debates pro and con, there still wasn’t a universal agreement about the bill, and after the legislation was passed, there still exist many opponents who are not happy with the result—or the way the amendment to the district’s budget came about. The online poker is to be allowed just within the district’s borders, but even so, some are against it. Councilperson Jack Evans, in fact, is demanding an investigation into the law, which he says had a “Sneaky passage.” Inspector General, Charles Willougby, is currently looking into how the legislation was awarded and the councilperson believes the inspector should also investigate how the bill was passed.

Some lawmakers and other interested citizens are investigating the legality of the legalized Internet Gambling recently approved in D.C.

In recent time, many states in the U.S. are deliberating over the allowing online gambling. Many citizens and lawmakers alike would welcome the income and jobs it would bring. Yet others, perhaps with old-fashioned thinking, seem to be unconvinced of the benefits. The passing of the ruling in Washington, D.C., seemed to welcome a new era in the United States, and many people believed its passage would herald in similar rulings in states across the country.

While there is still hope that this will indeed happen in the near future, for now, the ruling in the district is under fine—and so is Councilperson Michael Brown, who promoted its passage and attached the gaming bill onto the budget bill. This took place in April. What’s interesting is that this is same way the UIGEA was passed.
Councilperson Evans, who chairs the Committee on Finance and Revenue is preparing an open meeting for the public and legislators to discuss the recent passage.

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