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D.C Lottery Operator Launches Recruitment Campaign

Members of the D.C gaming community are hoping to enjoy new freedoms as politicians continue to debate the terms of proposed legislation. The D.C lottery operator has now launched a series of recruitment ads for Bingo Chat Moderators and other related positions with the prospect of “games of chance” looming firmly on the horizon. D.C Council members have said that they are assessing the possibility of introducing new permissive laws to facilitate online Poker, Bingo and Fantasy Sports services in the near future. A spokesperson for Intralot, which currently operates D.C lottery, was adamant that the drive was by no means premature.

The D.C lottery operator has launched a series of advertisements for Bingo Chat Moderators in anticipation of new gaming freedoms.

The campaign arrives in the immediate aftermath of a difficult few months for operators located throughout the region. Recent concerns surrounding the authorization of online titles set back proceedings significantly as did scandalous revelations surrounding council member, Michael A. Brown. The council’s Finance and Revenue Committee was also responsible for causing something of a stir this summer after speaking out in support of community meetings to weigh up public opinion on the matter.

Supporters, meanwhile, have been quick to stress the financial implications of an open market. Online gaming would, they say, provide welcome revenue streams for struggling governments whilst restoring lottery operations for enthusiastic players. It seems that no easy resolution will be found any time soon as the debate rages throughout both D.C and the United States at large. Council members will no doubt continue to err on the side of caution in what look to be some very critical months ahead. “This is too big a thing to do by sleight of hand,” concluded Mr. Wells.

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