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DC Online Gaming Site Indefinitely Delayed

Gamers in the US have suffered a disappointing month after plans for the launch of the first American online gaming site were put on hold. This summer witnessed the District of Columbia offer up a new plan to create a legalized online casino – a move which many hoped would pave the way for greater gaming freedoms in the country at large. The original proposal outlined a strategy for the establishment of a regulated online gambling forum alongside a play money version of the site. Intended for completion by autumn of this year, the casino’s development has now been put on hold with little indication of when the state will push ahead with its construction.

Plans for the launch of the first American gaming site in the District of Columbia have been put on hold.

The news has been greeted with a mixture of responses from gambling supporters and opponents alike. DC Lottery’s Buddy Roogrow, an advocate of the casino, said that the delay was not necessarily a cause for despair amongst the gaming community. He went on to say that the postponement would allow developers the chance to establish a more secure service for players throughout the state. Opponents, meanwhile, have welcomed the news – announcing that they will be pushing for the introduction of fresh measures to obstruct the development of the casino altogether.

Such debates concerning online gaming will no doubt continue to rage throughout DC and the US in forthcoming months – particularly in the wake of the recent indictment of leading poker sites such as Full Tilt. The online gaming industry will no doubt be monitoring the ongoing developments very closely indeed as DC gamblers await greater clarification.

OCA News Editor