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D.C. to Launch First Legalised Online Casino in U.S.

D.C. gamers are preparing to open their doors to online casinos after months of speculation and controversy.

D.C. officials have announced that the region is gearing up to launch its very own online casino, it emerged this week. The latest reports indicate that the city will be the first to open a virtual casino following months of speculation.

First legal online casino in the US?

The move arrives as an increasing number of proponents prepare to make their mark on a potentially lucrative American sector despite years of gaming related controversy.

Leading the campaign is lottery executive director Buddy Roogow who acknowledged that the city was the “first in the country” to push ahead with the measures.  Speaking of the effort, Roogow said that D.C. would be installing “responsible gaming measures” in order to safeguard the interests of consumers. Weekly deposit limits of $250 will be put in place whilst gaming sites will be closed for business between the hours of 4 and 10 a.m.  

Players will also find themselves monitored electronically and will be barred access to sites if deemed necessary.  Roogow said that the project would generate significant revenue for the area and stressed that the operations would encourage responsible gaming habits. “We will not seek to create games in which a livelihood could be won or lost in one hand”, he concluded.

Meanwhile European officials have warned that regulation may depress payout sizes and encourage players to seek out offshore services. Other voices including that of council member Michael Brown said that it was important to limit access to a select number of appropriate venues. “I would not like to see folks being able to play at a library or a rec center,” he declared.

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