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Online gaming sites sing the Kentucky blues

Should officials achieve their aim, the state will seize control of the online gaming sites’ domain names and might ask the web registrars to block access to these online gaming sites. Justice and Public Safety Secretary J Michael Brown said that he is aware that this may block access to the domains globally but that he is merely interested in how it will affect Kentucky.

Governor Steve Beshear, Commander in Chief of the Kentucky National Guard, supports casino gambling in Kentucky but calls online gaming “leeches on our communities”. He further said that Kentucky loses tens of millions of dollars to online gaming because online gambling is illegal. He believes that illegal online gaming puts the citizens of Kentucky at risk and especially colleges students.

Beshear also believes that besides the fact that online gaming creates an opportunity for young people to wager, the online gambling also undermines legitimate horse racing because online gaming is illegal and untaxed. It also is very difficult to trace online money laundering and consumers are not protected.

Kentucky state is using the services of a Lexington based law firm, Hurt, Crosbie & May to represent the state in the court action against online gaming sites. The reason a private law firm is used is that the case is a civil and not a criminal action. Whether the action would lead to criminal prosecution of the online gaming sites is not clear as yet.

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