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Increase in online gambling while Ike is in town

This week it is Hurricane Ike that has impacted land casinos.The US coast has been battered by storms and hurricanes over the past couple of months and judging from the increased traffic to online gambling sites, land casinos are seeing less action in these foul times.You may well wonder what the US government might make of this unexpected turn of events. Revenues from land based casinos have been severely affected while the numbers for online gambling sites have risen sharply. Some casinos had even shut down because of severe weather but even those that have managed to stay open have seen a considerable drop in their customer numbers.

When Hurricane Katrina blasted through 3 years ago, most casinos took steps to ensure that they are better prepared should another major hurricane hit. But Jim Forrester, a Louisiana casino employee said that online gambling has definitely affected land based casinos. Firstly, online gambling has become very popular. Secondly, because the weather is so terrible, they stay at home. Land casinos will have to come up with new marketing ideas to keep their customers coming through their doors.

While Mother Nature may not be so kind to people in general, she has certainly lent a hand to the fortunes of online gambling sites. If Ike should hit the Gulf Coast as it is predicted, some land casinos may be forced to close for the duration of the storm.

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