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US Swimmer Hots up Internet Gambling

He may be only 23 but native Baltimorian Michael Phelps is the hot favorite with most bookmakers and internet gambling sites. He has already won eight medals in Athens, six of them gold and looks set to take an all gold 8 in Beijing. The 2008 Olympic Games has given internet gambling much grist for their mills with so many events and so many possible outcomes. Internet gambling almost always intensifies around big sporting events and 2008 is no exception with so many top class athletes and wonderful events there is a plethora of gaming opportunities.

Phelps is the favorite with odds set at 1/2500 for a Gold Medal in the 200 metre freestyle event. Internet gambling afficionadas will have more than just their bet riding on this homeboy, it is the national pride of the US that is at stake. Swimmers of Phelps’ format do not happen along every day and 2008 Olympics is just the right platform for such an athlete. With so many events besides swimming, the Olympics is a feast for the internet gambling establishment, they sure must wish that the Olympics happened every year and not just once every four years! has also listed Australian Eamon Sullivan and Frenchman Alain Bernard as contenders for the prize in the Men’s 100 metre freestyle. Those passionate about internet gambling will be glued to their television sets for the duration of the 2008 Olympics and who can blame them, even if you are not a gambler, the Games promise to be very exciting. May the best man (or woman) win!

OCA News Editor