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Is Online Casinos Comparable to Child Pornography?

Bachus claims America’s addiction now to online casinos and not to drugs, his aim is to protect the youth. He further said that the American public should not be partnering with child pornography sites and indirectly with online casinos. Congressman Bachus, an Alabama Republican is a staunch anti-gambling campaigner and he is fiercly opposed to the Payments System Protection Act which was brought before the House Committee on Financial Services. The Act which was drawn up jointly by Democrat Barney Frank and Republican Ron Paul, would have eased regulations regarding the transfer of funds by banks and financial institutions to and from online casinos. Of course, the inference drawn between child pornography and online casinos.

A Canadian academic who conducted research into gambling addictions, reprimanded Congressman Bachus for incorrectly citing the research. Bachus further said that gambling increases within a 10 mile radius from a gambling facility. Online casinos are furthermore entering the home and is available right in the bedrooms of teenagers and college students.

The connection between online casinos and child pornography is bound to be a hotly debated issue for some time to come between those opposed to gambling and those wanting to regulate online casinos and bringing the taxes thus earned to the shores of the US. Maybe it is time to set emotions aside and see the merit of regulation, revenues from online casinos are lost to countries that are willing to entertain online casinos and earn the taxes so produced.

OCA News Editor