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US online casino ban battled by Washington poker fans

The battle against the US online casino ban, UIGEA, has only just started and is gaining more and more power every day. New lobby organizations and other groups trying to influence the lawmakers on the issue, pops up all the time. The latest ally in the American poker fans struggle to win over the ban is gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi. In a radio interview recently Rossi expressed his opposition to the much debated gambling ban.

Dino Rossi explained his reasons for opposing the online casino and gambling ban, by arguing that the punishment for playing poker does not match the crime. He explained that being caught playing poker on online casino could give a jail sentence at up to 10 years. This measurement puts playing poker on online casino at the same level as child pornography conviction. Rossi stressed that he would never have signed the bill; however, it was a bit more difficult for the radio interviewer to make Rossi commit to any active attempt to overturn the law.

In spite of Rossi’s support of the struggle against the online casino ban, it is not nearly enough for the organizations fighting it. Earlier this year, their hope that the online casino ban might be overturned was fuelled by Lee Rousso’s run in the governor race. Rousso has a lawsuit pending in the court system against the ban and showed an eager and active interest to work towards abolition of the ban. However, due to a change in primary format thwarted his dream of reaching the November ballot.

OCA News Editor