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Online casino and lottery sale to share same destiny?

A recent study shows that states holding lottery drawings could increase their sale dramatically by going online. However, the ever looming threat of being included in the UIGEA recoils many companies from taking the next step to go online. They understood the message the online casino industry was taught, and do not wish to find themselves in the same boat as the online casino sites, in spite of the possibility of increase in revenue.

eLottery Inc. has found that lottery sales would increase by a whole 10 % if they were sold online. They used Pennsylvania as an example in their study, and found that annual sales would jump by 300 million or more! Not only in Pennsylvania did they find this huge jump in revenues. Over seventeen different states, eLottery found a projected revenue increase totalling $4 billion a year. Enough to make any online casino and gambling company wishing they could get their share.

Many of the state owned lottery companies do in fact support social causes, such as educational projects etc. With the projected increase in revenue, more money could be directed to these projects, and benefit the citizens at large. However, UIGEA obstructs this development, like it obstructed the online casino business. Perhaps it is time UIGEA sees the online casino and gambling industry as a means to fund social causes and in stead of banning, enters co-operation with the industry. If only a small percentage of the online casino and gambling industry’s revenue were transferred to social causes, it would make a huge difference.

OCA News Editor