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More Casino Games Online Now Available to American Citizens

Many people thought that when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was introduced in 2006, Americans would not be able to play casino games online ever again, that the market had officially died. The UIGEA was indeed effective in prohibiting payment method companies and banks from continuing business with US citizens, yet remained just as ineffective in addressing the long-standing issues of the legality of playing casino games online. What many Americans, and businesses for that matter, have come to realize, is that online gambling has not been explicitly declared illegal for actual players, and despite the many setbacks, thousands of American citizens still enjoy their favorite casino games online on a regular basis.

Not only are Americans finding numerous ways to establish and maintain online payment accounts to fund their gambling, yet many online casinos, poker rooms, bingo sites and lotteries are now beginning to accept US customers. The UIGEA does not specifically address the legality of playing casino games online because it does not resolve the issues revolving around the 1961 Wire Act, which have posed significant problems in defining whether or not the internet is considered to be wire-based. Until the issue is both addressed and cleared up, it cannot be proven that playing casino games online, or providing them, is illegal.

US online gambling site, has listed the most commonly used and available ways of funding an online account for Americans, as well as the sites willing to allow US customers to play their casino games online. It also provides detailed instructions on how Americans should register at such sites.

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