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Casino Ban to be Voted On By Jefferson City, Missouri

Jefferson City, Missouri, has had a strict casino and riverboat gambling ban held over its held for the last 13 years. Since 1992, the issue of casino gambling has been the center of many debates, and people of the city have already voted twice against its introduction. However, back on the agenda, city voters will again be heading to the ballot boxes to decide whether or not the casino ban should finally be lifted from them.

Jefferson City attracts over 100,000 tourists each year, yet City Councilman Kevin Brown believes that economic ties with the state government must be diversified in order for the city to really prosper.
Casino gambling is currently restricted to only the area along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. Removing the casino ban would not ‘save’ the city’s economy, yet could potentially emphasize Jefferson City’s place on the map by driving its tourism, explained Brown.

The opposition to the removal of the 13 year casino ban is inevitable, with prominent church leaders among some of the more conservative communities against casino gambling. One such leader is Clyde Lear, who heads the Citizens Supporting Integrity group and participates in the Missouri Baptist Convention. Strong and vocal opposition is more than expected, in short.

Yet 2004 saw the Missouri Constitution be amended to allow a casino in Rockaway Beach, and Brown has already convinced 5 council members to add 2 casino related matters to the ballot, which were voted in favor of. Aside from casino gambling revenue, the removal of the casino ban would also create more employment. With online casino gambling already banned completely, the town might at least be able to hit the land-based casino for some gambling fun.

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