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Meskwaki May No Longer Be Alcohol Free Casino

Iowa may not be the size of Nevada or Monte Carlo when it comes to gambling, yet the state is definitely at the forefront of the scene with regards to quality casino gambling and its legislations. Among over 400 gambling facilities is Meskwaki casino, the free casino under the management of members of the Sac and Fox Tribe of the Mississippi. What makes this casino different from all others is that it is the only alcohol free casino in the entire state.

Members of this alcohol free casino have debated the issue of whether or not to sell such beverages on numerous occasions in the past. Now, an official vote has been scheduled to settle the issue once and for all. Previously delayed due to the sudden death of a tribe member, the vote has been set to take place on April 1st.

Only last year a similar vote was held, and a margin of only 23 votes was what separated between the two options. Being the only alcohol free casino in Iowa, some tribal members have begun to ask whether or not this is capable of lessening Meskwaki’s appeal to gamblers. While they are in doubt that selling alcoholic beverages would be a source of mere profits, they do believe that it is capable of bringing in more visitors to the casino.
Opponents to the idea of Meskwaki no longer being an alcohol free casino, claim that Native Americans are known to have struggled with alcohol abuse and social problems as a result.

As such they believe it is better off for everyone that Meskwaki remains an alcohol free casino. With such heated debate over the issue, only the vote will tell.

OCA News Editor