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Play Casino Games at the “Casino in a Casino”

US online gamblers have been left out in the cold ever since the UIGEA was passed into law. Despite that the industry still generates (somehow) more than $8 billion a year, the speed and style of online games is something quite intangible at the land based casino…until now. Brand new and highly innovative, the latest industry development is the “Jukebox Slots” machine. The Jukebox slots combines slots with electronic table games and popular music, to allow players to play casino games of their choice in an electronic fashion, whilst also listening to their favorite music at the same time.

The Jukebox Slots also provides players the opportunity to play casino games at the same speed of online casino gambling, as well as play casino games of a wide variety without having to change machines. The parent company behind the patent is Atlantis Internet Group Corporation, and the company is offering the product to both online and offline casinos.

End users can play casino games such as Poker, slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and many other popular table games via this machine, in a style that will be as close as possible to online gaming. What’s best is that the system is being approved by gaming jurisdictions and associates all over the US, and the product is expected to hit the casinos by late 2008.

The CEO of Atlantis Internet Group, Donald L. Bailey, is calling it a “Casino in a Casino”, and is hoping that in countries world-wide in which online gambling is banned, it will allow players to play casino games in the closes style possible to what they once loved.

OCA News Editor