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Online Casino Laws In US Brought Into Question Once More

The European Union has begun to investigate the prohibitive laws of online casino gambling in the US, after the Remote Gambling Association complained of inconsistency in the country’s overall approach to gambling. The Remote Gambling Association is also representative of all European online casino operators, and believes that the US has been forced out of online casino gambling for unjust reasons. This stands just as equally for the hundreds of online casino operators who were forced to withdraw from the American market.

The key question to the investigation is why some forms of gambling a such as horse race betting and lotteries, are permitted, whilst online casino gambling, which often consists of the same components exactly, is not. Such an investigation may even lead to a formal complaint being handed in to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Further to the inconsistency of casino gambling and general betting laws within the US, is the way in which each state is able to govern its own gambling related laws, yet online casino gambling has been prohibited nation wide to all US citizens.

According to Anthony Cabot, a gambling expert at a Las Vegas legal office, these laws were not “thought out” well enough. Such complaints are regular, yet one of this size is considered a follow up to the 2004 case of Antigua, in which the casino gambling morals of the US were brought into question.
Many believe that the debate is an issue of money.

Yet the online casino industry is estimated at a value of $15 billion in the US alone – the same amount that the industry is worth without the one country, and this doesn’t include sports betting. As such, the UE is now demanding that the casino gambling morals of the US, online and offline, be specifically defined.

OCA News Editor