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American Casino Gambling Via Party Gaming Pre the UIGEA

According to recent American news sources, Officials from the Department of Justice have begun inquiries into the possible connection between online casino gambling group, Party Gaming, and its involvement in the American casino gambling market prior to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA).

Party Gaming has held recent discussions with US authorities concerning its liability to prosecution for pre-UIGEA activities in the US casino gambling market. According to the OCN news website, unspecified sources from within the American casino gambling market have confirmed that the inquiries are a direct result of these specific discussions.

Party Gaming, like many other American based casino gambling and bingo websites, was hit badly when the UIGEA was signed in by President Bush in October of 2006, and subsequently withdrew from the market. Yet it has since made a significantly successful recovery, by penetrating new and untouched geographic markets and innovative gaming products, such as its unique online bingo creations, Party Poker, Party Casino and exclusive sports-book.

Management over the site has also undergone drastic changes. The initial founders of the casino gambling site, Vikrant Bhargava, Anurag Dikshit, Ruth Parasol and her husband, Russ DeLeon, are no longer active members of the board, and Dikshit and Bhargava are known to have resigned from their positions as group operations director and head of marketing (respectively) shortly after the introduction of the UIGEA. They are currently only consultants for the website.

Hopefully, the inquiries into this well respected casino gambling group will be resolved quickly.

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