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Governments Discuss Fate of American On Line Casino Operators

United States officials have been asked by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda to grant amnesty to on line casino operators that are based in their island, so that they may be able to pass freely in and out of the US.
The request follows a series of high profile arrests of several on line casino operators, and the implementation of new on line casino gambling prohibitions, which have sparked fear among many American and foreign on line casino operators.

One such case is the founder of, Calvin Ayre, who has not returned to his home in the US for over a year, and who has expressed that he is sorely missing it; “I actually really wanted to come back,” said Ayre. According to the Finance Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Errol Cort, “We believe this matter can be settled in an amicable way because we enjoy an excellent relationship with the United States.”

However amnesty is not expected to rest all concerns regarding American on line casino operators residing in the Caribbean island to travel freely throughout the US. Much concern is still centered among the individual states battling against online gambling executives. Louisiana, for example, has filed more than a dozen sealed arrest warrants against on line casino supervisors in the past several months.

Other unresolved cases include that of Steve Shillinger and Hayden Ware, the World Sports Exchange owners, who are today fugitives in Antigua since their violation charges of the 1962 Wire Act 10 years ago. Hopefully, the request will see many on line casino operators return safely home to a warm welcome by their fellow Americans.

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