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The casino takes to the sky with Jet Blue

The American charter Jet Blue Airways has confirmed that it will soon be providing online casino gambling services as part of its in-house flight games and entertainment package. The move comes after a long line of larger airlines that have also purchased in-house casino gambling for national and international flights in the past few months, including Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Lufthansa, and Ryan Air.

Jet Blue Airways has teamed up with Yahoo and RIM, and will initially offer only those services that are provided by the two companies. However, they have officially stated that their intentions are to offer an online casino-like platform for half time and play-by-play betting of televised sports events via their DirecTV broadcasting once the plan has kicked off. They are also planning to place heavy emphasis on sports channels such as ESPN, CBS, and FOX.

Jet Blue is a domestic American airline, and the introduction of in-house online casino gambling is expected to raise several questions, the most pressuring being the way in which such services will be viewed by the DOJ, who have recently declared Yahoo’s advertisement of internet casino gambling a violation of the law. The issue is further complicated by two other restrictions, the first the ban of sports gambling according to the 1961 Wire Act, and the second the UIGEA’s prohibition of money transferring to foreign online casino establishments since 2006.

Nevertheless, with over 50 destinations under its wing, it does seem very promising to the online gambler looking to fatten up his/her wallet before hitting the casino in, let’s say, Las Vegas?

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