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WTO Gives Antigua Retaliatory Trade for Online Gambling

The United States and Antigua hasn’t been friends during the last few weeks. Antigua and Barbuda is claiming that the United States needs to compensate for its withdrawal from past agreements it has made with other World Trade Organization members regarding online gambling, but the United States Trade Representative wasn’t that complying. After long debates and many delays, the World Trade Organization has awarded Antigua with a $21 million cross-retaliatory trade. However, the United States is calling Antigua to wait with any retaliation moves.

The United States Trade Representative has issued a process for the compensation of World Trade Members that are affected by the country’s change towards past agreements. The process will take time to complete and affected nations, such as Antigua, should wait until it is over before taking action on their own, as a spokesmen said. “We would expect that Antigua would not suspend its WTO commitments to the United States while that process is underway,” were the exact words. Antigua has been waiting for a long time for compensation and there are other countries on the list, including the European Union.

By acting against online casino gambling, the United States was acting against prior agreements it has made regarding international trade. Chasing online gambling firms away from the American market has affect the economy of many nations, especially that of Antigua and Barbuda. The latter has already announced that if compensations aren’t made it will take the money out of the copywriting settlements that each country needs to transfer the United States for the use of Hollywood generated content. Not letting Antigua take regulatory action might result in the realization of the threat. That in turn will only increase the economic damage inflicted by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act on the American market.

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