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Internet Giants Cave in to the US Attorney’s Office

The United States Department of Justice was smiling these past few weeks as giant internet companies such as Microsoft, Google and Yahoo! decided to stop accepting online ads that promote the online gambling industry. The companies were forced to pay millions of dollars in settlements and came to an agreement with the United States Attorney’s office in St. Louis. Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! would “not admit nor deny” the federal prosecutors’ claims, but will stop accepting online gambling ads for their ads platforms. The money that the giant are putting out will be used for various funds for children’s educations and other social causes.

This sad outcome is obviously not good for online casino businesses. Not only that online gambling won’t be able to use the most popular ads platforms on the net, but the fact that such giants have decided to accept the US Attorney’s offer will project negatively on the will of smaller firms to cooperate with online gambling elements. If Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! aren’t taking online gambling ads, who will? This is step forward in the battle against the ban over online casino gambling in America.

As long as online gambling is regarded as illegal in America, the industry will have a hard time convincing firms to cooperate. Just think of the amount of money that Google and its likes could make off the industry. There are billions of dollars rolling around there, and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is making sure that those dollars do not reach the United States. Take a closer look at what had happened. Firms were accepting ads that are illegal, and are now forced to direct millions of dollars to charity work. Why not tax the online gambling industry in the first place and make sure that millions of dollars are direct to similar causes on a regular basis?

OCA News Editor