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iMEGA Intensify Objection to Online Casino Ban

The Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association (the iMEGA) has been an active member of the fight against the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. It is currently waiting for the judgment on its challenge to the implementation of UIGEA but that doesn’t stop the organization from adding up pressure on the United States government. The iMEGA decided to file its objection with the Department of Treasury. The organization believes that the current ban over online gambling is a wrongful attempt to regulate internet content.

The fact that the bill was attached to the Safe Ports Act which it has nothing in common with and was passed with little to no input by the House shows just that, according to iMEGA. The act must be change or else it can be used as precedent for other malicious attempts to influence what people are exposed to through the internet. There are fundamental issues that have to be discussed openly and such actions cannot be made without the public’s awareness. “These proposed regulations will limit Americans’ freedom to use the Internet as they see fit in the privacy of their own homes,” said Edward Leyden, President, iMEGA.

“While UIGEA is intended to protect minors and problem gamblers, the law ironically makes these groups more vulnerable by targeting US banks and credit card companies, whose identity verification, fraud prevention and credit profiling systems protect online consumers every day,” he added. It’s not hard to see that something is seriously wrong with the way the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was accepted and in the way it is meant to be implemented. Hopefully, iMEGA could open the eyes for the administration as it seems that no one is willing to hear about the dangers and wrongdoings that are associated with the UIGEA.

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