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Online Casino Players Should Work Together as Consumers

Although Barney Frank’s proposal to regulate the online casino industry is slowly raising support, it’s not enough and it doesn’t seem like online gambling will be allowed in the United States soon. While Americans are known for standing up for their consumer rights, it looks like people have forgotten to fight. American citizens have the right to enjoy their free time as they wish as long as they are not hurting anyone else. Liberty is the very basis of the American Constitution. However, the current Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is saying that you cannot play online casino games in your home.

Where is everyone? Gamblers are consumers after all, and all other consumers should work together. Maybe the next law will forbid you from buying certain books off the internet? Maybe some politicians would rather you don’t surf to certain sites? Such notions are outrageous, as in fact they should be. Transaction companies that are no longer working with online casino because the law doesn’t allow them to should be pressured so they in turn will press the administration. Why keep using an online account if it doesn’t accept payments from online casinos? People should demonstrate their disapproval of the situation.

Such economic pressure on internet firms, be it online transaction service providers or even internet service providers, might influence other more powerful elements in the economy to take a stand in favor of the online gambling industry. While the ban over the industry seems to revolve only with gambling, it doesn’t. The issue is about the consumer’s right to choose and the freedom to offer services. When other parts of the economy, namely firms that operate through the internet, realize this we might have a chance to overthrow the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

OCA News Editor

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