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Online Gambling Resenting Politician Moves Up

Fans of online gambling in America would not be too happy to learn that U.S Republican Jon Kyl, the online casino industry’s arch-enemy, is up for promotion. According to an article by the Arizona Republic, it seems that the Senator is now the GOP’s assistant leader after winning an uncontested party election. Kyl will replace Senator Lott of Mississippi who resigned. Although the Senator doesn’t have a direct impact on the industry, his promotion will mean he gets additional influence and that alone is not that good for gambling fans.

Some politicians have made it clear that they oppose online gambling and they feel quite strongly about forcing all other Americans from visiting online casino sites. Being closer to the Senator, Kyl might push anti online gambling agendas to the Senator’s table and influence the way legislation in Arizona handles online gamblers. Hopefully, we will not see such behavior as the industry in the United States has enough to worry about. A positive outcome would be that Kyl’s workload will keep him too busy from assisting anti online gambling campaigns that might come up.

All in all, fans of the industry and people who believe in the freedom of choice should devote their attention to Barney Frank’s new bill and hope that it gets the support that he needs. Surely, Kyl will not be on the supporters list. While anti gambling politicians make their way up stream, so do politicians who have other ideas for gambling. The public – that’s you – should help these politicians gather support and recognition so we would all have a better future. We do not want the administration telling us that we are not allowed to play poker while having a nice afternoon in our private residence. We want to make our own decisions about our leisure time.

OCA News Editor