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Hot Wheels for Dedicated US Player

While most Americans find it difficult to find online casinos that let them gamble, “DDBeast” not only found a gambling site to play at, but he (or she?) found a place to win at! Pokerstars is one of those sites that do accept players from the United States and Americans should definitely pay the site a visit. Loyal players are highly appreciated at the online casino and the site’s loyalty award is one of the best in the industry. After cashing in 3 million frequent player points, DDBeast claimed a brand new Porsche! That’s right, playing at online poker sites for long hours finally paid off.

The 21 year old player spent almost a year playing at the online casino. Players who like to spend long hours playing at online casinos should find a site, like this one, that offers a return for busy players. Some sites give great bonuses for newcomers, but people who like to sit down and gamble for the long run will do good to check the site’s loyalty plan before choosing the place for their online gambling. Under Pokerstars’ plan, gamblers must earn 100,000 points in a single year to become a Supernova player, and a million to make it to the Supernova Elite level. Believe it or not, but if DDBeast had a little more patience, an Aston Martin V8 Vantage was waiting around the corner. All that was needed are 5 million points.

Whenever players make it big at the online casinos it’s wonderful news, but when the winner is an American the news are twice as good. This shows that players from the United States still have some options left and that there are site that offer gambling services for American while offering great in return. United States players don’t need to settle for mediocre online gambling; they just need to work a little harder in finding the right place for their virtual betting.

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