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UNLV Study Might Help Online Casino Industry

The University of Nevada in Las Vegas might be a source of help for the troublesome online casino industry in the United States. With the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act still in fact, there aren’t many options for online gambling seekers in America. However, a new study conducted by UNLV might shed some important light on the effects of virtual gambling and help the industry win back politicians’ hearts. The study looks into the effects of online gambling and tries to examine the amount of Nevada residents that use the virtual form of betting. It will also try and follow the attitude of gamblers towards legalizing online casinos.

The research is commissioned by the state Gaming Control Board and the information gathered by the study can be used to illustrate to politicians that liberalization of the market is needed. People want to gamble freely in the United States and they want to do so from the comfort of their own home, privately. Gaming attorney Tony Cabot, from Las Vegas, feels regulation is warranted, “It’s historically been the policy of the state of Nevada to regulate gaming so that we can protect patrons and make sure they get paid when they win.”

Legalizing gambling doesn’t only mean that people can gamble, but it means that the state will regulate all online gambling and that the people can gamble safely. That’s a key notion that must be understood by policy makers. Legalizing gambling means helping people gamble safely. Another possible outcome of the study will be to show that there are currently many people gambling online in spite of the ban over online casino firms. This will make politicians realize that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act isn’t working and that a different approach needs to be looked at.

OCA News Editor