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Antigua Rep. Meet with Democratic Leaders

The ongoing trade battle between the United States and Antigua and Barbuda has taken a positive turn with the special Caribbean business conference that the Antiguans held. Being true to their word, the Antiguans decided to hold a special conference for American representatives that will demonstrate a positive prospective on online casino gambling and show how hypocritical the American law against online gambling really is. By showing that it’s in the United States’ interest to cancel the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, the conference, as Antigua hopes, will lead for the resolution of the despite between the nations.

The dispute erupted with the enactment of anti online gambling acts by the United States administrations. Such acts contradict past agreements between the US and the World Trade Organization, and Antigua and Barbuda – with the support of other countries, namely the EU – has filled a compensation plea. While the case itself is still being discussed, the Antiguan Prime Minister felt that holding the conference would bring a positive – less offensive – outcome. The Prime Minister talked with New York Democrat Rep. Charles Rangel, chairmen of the House Ways and Means Committee as well as with three other members of the Congressional Black Caucus. He tried to emphasize why it’s in the US’s best interest to regulate the online gambling industry and how the ban affects the country’s foreign affairs.

“We’re hoping that coming out of this dialogue here, Charlie Rangel would have a better and greater appreciation of Antigua and Barbuda’s position,” said Antigua Prime Minister. Hopefully, the new information and insight that was given to the Democratic Representatives will build the way for the cancelation of current anti online casino gambling legislation. If things stay as they are, both the United States and the American public stand to lose a much better alternative.

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