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US Has Other Thoughts on Online Casino Compensation

The tale of the European Union vs. the United States keeps getting more and more intriguing. The European Union amongst other countries like Antigua and Barbuda has filled a World Trade Organization compensation claim against the United States for the enactment for the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. By disallowing online gambling firms to operate in the United States market, foreign competition was basically forbidden. The European Union believes that such action means a complete withdrawal from previous agreements that the United States gave the World Trade Organization.

For this, the European Union is asking for billions of dollars. However, an unofficial statement by someone in the United States trade office has made it clear that the United States isn’t going to pay the European Union. The US is willing to consider increased foreign access to the American market, but nothing close to the figures that the named by the European Union. Things don’t end there as the European Union isn’t the only plaintiff that won’t receive its money, according to the unofficial statement. Antigua and Barbuda was asking for $3.4 million, but the United States is only offering $500,000. Again, things don’t end there as well. Antigua said that if the United States won’t pay up, they will hold copyright money that they are obligated to transfer to the United States and keep it.

This means that Antigua will offer copyrighted content on the internet without paying for infringement and it will all be legal, if in fact the World Trade Organization approves. As it looks, we will be hearing more and more about this case as things heat up between the European Union and the United States. When will the administration realize that enacting a bill like the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, wasn’t the right move?

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