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UIGEA Still Strong in America

With most of the world aiming for online casino regulation, it’s hard to tell why the United States holds the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The main intention behind the bill was to protect the community from the wrongs of online gambling. Some people believed that free access to casino gambling wasn’t something that people could handle and decided that their opinion matters the most. However, since the enactment of the bill, there was no real study on the impacts it had over society. Are there less problematic gamblers out there? Did someone bother to check how many problematic gamblers were actually playing at online casinos? Where is the study that proved that playing online casino games has a devastating result on the community?

These are only some of the unanswered questions that truly needs answering. While the rest of the world is working hard at regulating the online casino industry and hopping to offer people with a safe and responsible option for home entertainment, the United States simply bans virtual gambling altogether, without any proven reason to do so. The people who think that online gambling has evil sides to it must support a system that regulates the industry and promises that no evil is done. Banning virtual gambling will not promise a safe gambling environment, on the contrary – it will only provoke illegal gambling options.

Regulating the online casino industry is everyone’s best bet. Taxing a business that generates billions of dollars each year will grant the government with the funds that it needs to benefit the community. People that do gamble will do so under a regulating system that promises a safe environment were adolescence and problematic gamblers are kept out of the virtual casinos. In the end, banning the industry altogether is just like sinking your head into the sand. And that – as we all know – isn’t very helpful.

OCA News Editor

With a background in game development spanning 8 years, Sam Peterson is OCA’s leading authority in the world of online gaming. His focuses include new releases and gaming providers.