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Online Casino Group’s CEO Called to the US

The case against online casino sports gambling giant Bodog is moving along. Bodog, possibly the most popular of online casino groups, is dealing with a rights infringement suit placed by 1st Technology. The case revolves around Bodog’s usage of assets that allegedly belongs to 1st Technology. Under a new court order it seems that Calvin Ayre, the founder and CEO of Bodog and one of the most familiar faces in the online casino industry, must make a personal appearance in the United States. This of course might turn into a very risky venture for Ayre taking into account the United States authorities stand towards online gambling executives.

However, if Ayre fails to appear at the Las Vegas office of 1st Technology’s lawyers on November 2nd – an arrest warrant will be issue for his name. Ayre seems to be in a no-win situation. For one, the United States is not the best place for him to be as he heads a high profile online gambling group. On the other hand, failing to appear will mean a certain arrest warrant that he might avoid by showing up. As for now, no official word was released from Bodog Entertainment and it’s unclear what will Ayre’s decision will be. The entire online casino gambling industry is waiting to see how this case develops as 1st Technology is suing Bodog for $49 million and none of the sides is willing to settle.

1st Technology’s CEO also said in the statement that a significant sum out of the judgment proceeds from the Bodog case will be handed to charity and educational causes. It was important for him to emphasis that the company is only demanding what rightfully belongs to them and that the case is not some sort of a revenue making scheme.

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