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US Players to Mobile Bet on Horseracing

Horse racing bookies and The New York Racing Association are looking into a new platform that will enable players to place bets using their cellphones. Horse racing is everything but new, and mobile gambling is not a new notion either. However, the two were never combined. Online gambling in America, as most of you know, has been outlawed with the enactment of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, but betting over horse racing is not mentioned in the outlawing bill.

While online casino games like poker and roulette are hard to come by, horse racing betting is still around. Why? A loophole in the law allows operators to offer bets on horse racing, and it’s time for mobile gambling groups to take advantage of the situation. The idea is to use a new platform that works with Windows Mobile and offers people the opportunity to use their mobile devices for online gambling. Americans could use their personal cellphone or PDA and place bets on ongoing or upcoming races. Before the platform can be implemented, technical aspects must be approved by the state Racing and Wagering Board.

The platform doesn’t simply allow the placement of bets, but offers a complete product. Gamblers could access information regarding the horse they are betting on and learn more about the race and the location. Players could also learn what the odds for a win are and make their decision accordingly. Only after devoting time for details, American gamblers would place their bets and hope to win. The platform was designed by mWager and will also be implemented by the company. A security system will also be conceived in order to protect players from thievery and other malpractices. If the project succeeds, players in the United States will have another option for online gambling, an option that they need dearly.

OCA News Editor