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Is the US Ban Over Online Casino Sites Effective?

While other countries are spending large sums of money and national resources into the research of online gambling and its effects, legislation in the United States doesn’t seem to be interested with scientific assistance. A recent study published in the United Kingdom sheds important light on the gambling habits of British citizens and the possible effects of the phenomena. While the number of people using the internet to gamble has increased by unimaginable standards, the number of people that regard their gambling habit as a problematic one did not change since 1999 showing that online casino gambling doesn’t have to be connected with irresponsible gambling. What does the United States’ legislator has to say? Not much, apparently.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed by Congress and signed into affect by President George Bush; the results of the enactment of the bill are apparent to any online casino player or gambling fan. Did the actions of the administration produce a better and safe online environment? Did the administration even tried to study the implications of the ban over online casino activity in the United States? The answers are unclear. If the government believes that banning online gambling can contribute to the safety of internet users, why not back that belief by hard evidence? The ban over internet casinos came into effect without any real scientific evidence to the connection between irresponsible gambling and the online industry.

Moreover, no such connection has been established between the ban over online casinos and a safe gambling environment. When thinking about it, no one even tried to establish that such an environment exists. People in the United States are gambling in Las Vegas and in other parts of the country. Are they safer now than they were a year ago with online casinos operating across America? All these questions must be answered before the ban over internet casinos continues.

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