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Online Casino Gambling in American is Not Dead

Martin Owens, a famous and most respected gaming layer in the United States, said that although the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has passed, online casino gambling in American is far from dead. Owens spoke during the sixth annual European Interactive Gaming Congress And Expo, the EiG, in Spain. According to him, the demand for internet revenues will win as the pressure inflicted by individual states will have to convince the Federal Government that online gambling should be regulated rather than banned.

Owens pointed out the inconsistencies of the law and the complexity of the situation in America. Individual states believe that revenue can be generated by taxing the enormous online casino industry, but the government is making things difficult. Once political pressure grows, the administration will have no choice but to overturn the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act or at least revise it so online gambling will be possible to operate, and tax. All of the above has lead Owens to conclude that “Internet Gambling is not dead in America”. Owens’ claims are very logical. The current administration doesn’t seem to care about the financial potential of a taxation scheme for the online gambling industry, but individual states do see the potential and some of them are already concerned with the future of the online casino community in America. Things must change.

Edward Leyden, the President of the Interactive Media, Entertainment and Gaming Association, was also amongst the speakers in Barcelona. Leyden said that adult players have a fundamental right to choose their own kind of entertainment and the ban over online casino industry is nothing less than a violation of that right. The Interactive Media, Entertainment and Gaming Association represents many different branches of the gaming industry, including online gambling and the online casino segment.

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