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Pro Online Casino Bill Fails to Raise Support

We have been hearing about Barney Frank’s online casino for a long time now. Usually, we learn about new supporters and the way the act is gaining further support. However, an interview with the man behind the act informs us (and the entire online gambling community) that things are not as good as they might look. Frank told the reporter that his effort to cancel the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and enact a new bill aimed at regulation and taxation has failed. “It’s not dead. It’s not very active. It depends on whether or not there’s support. I don’t think there’s support for it yet. It’s growing,” said Frank.

In order to overturn the current ban a significant movement in the United States needs to be awakened. The current 36 politicians that support the bill are far from what you would call a “significant movement”. According to the article, the notion to overturn the UIGEA has basically stopped. However, if foreign pressure will grow in the future, the bill might be brought back to life and the idea of legislation that will regulate and tax the online casino industry will be discussed once again. The international economic community sees the ban over online casino gambling in America as a violation of global trading agreements and the pressure by the World Trade Organization is growing, but it’s not enough.

Antigua and Barbuda has filled major suits against the United States and the WTO will likely rule in favor of Antigua. The United States will have to answer to the WTO or change the way online casino gambling is being handled. What seemed like a two sided effort, a foreign and domestic one, is now clearly a one sided struggle with the international community being the only force demanding the change of the ban over online casinos in America. The domestic voice has weakened to a halt.

OCA News Editor