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World Cup of Poker goes to America

The World Cup of Poker IV championship if finally over and the online gambling community got a new winner. The United States became the new king of poker by taking the Poker Stars’ tournament and earned $100,000 on the way. The final rounds involved teams from the United States, Canada, Romania and Iceland but the American team captained by Greg Raymer emerged victorious. Although it didn’t look promising for the American team at first, the Yanks managed to overcome their opponents and take the lead.

The Canadian team was the first team to be kicked out of the final stage followed by Icelandic team members who finished third. The United States took the first place, as mentioned, with Romania finishing second and taking home a prize of $60,000. The prize is shared among all four team members so everyone can enjoy the taste of victory. The World Cup of Poker is a serious matter for the online gambling community and the world of online casinos is always excited at the time of the tournament. Such events bring great publicity for online casino business and online gambling sites are always happy when a reason to handout prizes is at hand.

Every time a new event is coming, most online casino would offer new promotions and bonuses for the occasion. That way, both the online and the land-based casino community can enjoy the special atmosphere that casino tournaments bring. Poker, obviously, is the most popular casino game on the internet so a poker tournament brings twice the excitement. If you didn’t manage to get your hands on the great promotions that the industry offered for the event, don’t worry. You will have plenty of other events to have fun with in the very near future. Online casino fun is always there for you.

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