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Land Based Industry Spends on Lobbying

Land casino businesses in the United States are not resting. The fact that the government is dealing with the legality of online casino operations doesn’t mean that land operations could rest assure in their legality and freedom of operation. The American Gambling Association has allocated $900,000 for lobbying showing that it means business. The body, which represents the commercial land casino industry in the United States, has spent the money during the first half of 2007, as a recently published report indicates.

The body lobbied on online casino gambling, tax legislation that’s affecting the casinos and additional matters. It’s positive to see that the land gambling industry is also looking out for the online front of the business. While online casinos bite into land operations revenues, they also increase the public’s awareness for gambling games and position land operations as a solid alternative for the internet experience, something like “the real deal”. Legal battles between the online casino industry and the United States government damages land casinos business as well. The second issue on the American Gambling Association’s mind is the issue of taxing, of course. Taxing is a big issue as it takes a large portion of the industry’s revenue.

Currently, there are also discussions about taxing the online casino industry as well, and the American Gambling Association would do good to lobby against it. The body represents some of the largest and most influential entertainment groups in America and it does so within the boundaries of the law, of course. Any group lobbying for political influence must disclose its activities under a federal law enacted in 1995 and the American Gambling Association released the information in light of this law precisely. The land gambling industry is a highly influential industry in the United States, unlike the online casino one, and hopefully it will be able to set things straight for the internet version of gambling as well.

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