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Pink Future for the Online Casino Industry?

The legal situation in the United States is highly uncomfortable for the online casino industry as well as for the American public. The country which regards itself as the protector and leader of the free world is telling its own citizens what kind of home entertainment is appropriate for them and doesn’t let the people call the shots from themselves. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act might not address people’s choices, but the result is the same. If you’re an American, then online casino firms would not be able to offer you online gambling services as there is no legal framework for them to accept payments from you.

Currently, several offers are being discusses and a political lobby is being mobilized to support online casino gambling. The UIGEA bill was enacted as a result of political pressure in the House of Representatives and the forming of a large political lobby in favor of the bill. Now, similar actions are being done in an attempt to overthrow the biased bill and save the online casino market in the United States. Congressman Barney Frank has offered a different bill that addresses the issue of industry regulation and taxation. If, indeed, online gambling will be permitted in the United States again it will be under a regulation system that will also tax the industry.

This is the only framework were both people’s rights are kept and the public is protected from hurting itself. Responsible gambling is a serious matter and any online gambling operation should promote responsible gambling and responsible gambling alone. The regulation system will keep the online casino industry in order and will use the revenues generated by taxes to benefit the community and the entire country. The UIGEA did not really stop Americans from gambling at online casinos, but it did hurt people’s rights. Frank’s bill will hopefully change all of this in the near future.

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