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New York Post Discuses Regulation Offer

Steve Israel and Pete King, a Democrat and a Republican respectively, were among the original co-signers of Barney Frank’s new bill – the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act. The two representatives published a new editorial in the New York Post newspaper saying that the Treasury Department should not be made to look for illegal online gambling operations or enforce a ban over online casino sites. The Department has different roles to fill and a new solution is called for. Obviously, we couldn’t agree more. There is no reason for funds and resources that should be directed at protecting the President etc. be used for banning online gambling playing.

It is completely absurd when thinking about it. Government funds are being used to stop people from playing cards from their home computers, as the Representatives referred to the action authorities are practicing following the enactment of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The article was titled “Web Gambling: Tax, Don’t Ban” and addressed the need to regulate the online gambling industry instead of blocking it entirely. By simply taxing online casino gambling, like the United States is taxing other web activities, significant revenues can be generated in no time. The American public wants to gamble and the U.S. government shouldn’t stand in its way.

The discussion always comes down to the question of liberalism and the people’s right to act as they wish. Banning online gambling is a direct act against people’s freedom to decide what is good for them. People will find ways to gamble as gambling itself isn’t legal. Simply the operation of online casinos now has some legal difficulties when it comes to financial services. The new bill proposed by Frank addresses the issue of online casino regulation and how to oversea the gambling community and prevent cases of problematic gambling. The funds that the taxing program will generate could help finance community projects and everyone will be pleased with the situation.

OCA News Editor