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Bodog Brings Fantasy Football Aboard

Bodog, leader in online gaming and online entertainment, has announced that fantasy American football is now part of their gaming portfolio. The group is operating one of the most successful online casino sports books in the United States and is also running and internet casino under the group’s brand. The new site in plan is titled Bodog Fantasy and will offer fantasy American football attractions for the United States’ gambling public and the rest of the world. The site will go live one week prior to the first NFL game and will offer scouting and statistics – everything you need in order to take part in the game.

The fantasy sports market in the United States is surly growing and we see big names drawing into it as time goes by. Bodog is one of the strongest and most dominated groups in the online gambling industry and this move will surely influence the way other firms are looking at fantast sports and fantasy football. ‘Fantasy football is a highly competitive, multi-billion dollar industry and it takes something special for a company to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack,’ said the company’s CEO – the famous Calvin Ayre. Fantasy sports

Fantasy sports platforms are still legal in the United States, although some parties have already questioned the legality of this kind of home entertainment. This form of online fun is not yet labeled as online gambling, as it doesn’t really offer wagering or betting options, but the legal situation in the United States is far from clear. Anything can happen. Currently, the gambling public and sports fans in the United States are able to enjoy another quality product from Bodog. The group also features other kind of gaming platforms that are available on the web or on the TV.

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