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Congressman Paul Joins Pro Online Casino Bill

The ongoing battle to bring online casino gambling back to American is underway and unexpected support is coming. The republican Congressman Ron Paul, who is also the party’s U.S. presidential candidate, has called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act “an outrageous affront” to personal freedom. Currently, Congressman Barney Frank is leading the campaign against the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and Paul has thrown his support behind him. Frank is offering a different model which will allow online casino sites to operate in the United States while regulating them and taxing the industry.

This way, Frank hopes that responsible gambling will be practiced and the money that will be generated by taxes can be used to benefit the entire community. Not a bad idea when you think about it. This kind of resembles to national lottery schemes, where it is legal to gambling and the money is used for good causes that benefit the community. This way, the casinos will not be under state control, but they will have to meet the standards and regulation codes that the state issues. The new bill that Frank suggested will not cancel the UIGEA but will “neutralize” it making online casinos operable in the states.

Congressman Paul represents Texas voters and hails from Lake Jackson. There are many people who believe that the current state of affairs is wrong and that the government should not be telling citizens what kind of home entertainment they can consume. Gambling is considered by many as a fun and harmless activity, and if everything stays under control and safe gambling is practiced, then there is really nothing wrong with it. So far there are 35 representatives that showed support for Frank’s bill and maybe change will be made soon. Paul’s support will surly help speed thing up.

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