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California State Will Have its Own Online Casino?

The online gambling industry is constantly looking for new ways to get authorities to support the online casino industry. With anti online casino laws popping like mushrooms after a summer rain all over the United States, people are in California felt that a different approach is needed. A new petition drive in California is aimed at creating a State-owned online casino site that would offer online poker for citizens. The petition is enjoying the support of existing member of the gambling community as well as independent experts that see the new model as having a good chance of succeeding.

The local Secretary of State office in California allowed one Anthony ‘Tuff Fish’ Sandstrom from San Diego to circulate his new petition. If the online casino poker player manages to collect more than 430,000 signatures, the petition will be transformed into an initiative and will be placed for ballot. Voters in California might have the chance to speak their mind and the American public could show the administration how much they love their online gambling. Letting the state run its own online casino gives authorities completed control over the content and approach that online gambling site will have. This also means that all profits from virtual gambling will go to the state that in turn can use it for community purposes.

This is one of the most serious attempts to overturn the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. If the new initiative becomes a reality, we might witness the state of California protecting online casino gambling in Federal Court. Another interesting issue would be the matter of financial transactions between players and the state. Under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act it’s forbidden for financial companies to process transactions that are related to online gambling. However, the bill addresses transactions made by firm, and the state of California is not a firm.

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