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When Online Gambling Meets Social Networking

Well, Americans have found a new way to gamble over the internet. No, there is no online casino involved and there are no video poker games around. A different kind of gambling community is changing the way people are gambling over the web. The site is called “Betcha” and the idea is simple – you make your own wagers. Sounds crazy? Wait until you try it. In the same way that online casino sports books offer different kind of wagers, betting options are being created at Betcha all the time. The site is one big wagers factory.

At the site, you can either create your won wagers or find a wager you like and jump right in. All wagers are organized into categories, just on regular online casino sites, and finding something that interests you is very easy. You have dozens of sports wagers that make the site look like a books maker, but it doesn’t end there. The fact that people create their own wagers means plenty of different fields to choose from. The game acts and feels like other famous social networking sites. Online casino sites that offer sports gambling will always be limited in the number of offers and the restrictions of the site’s owners. Giving gambling fans the power to create their own gambling environment is one of the best things that could happen in the online gambling industry.

This kind of gambling platform is unique and we haven’t seen anything quite like it. Although the site doesn’t really offer gambling services but only acts as a platform that connects people who like to gamble, legal action has already been taken against the site with obscure results. The legal standing of the site is unclear and we will have to wait and see whether a legal solution can be worked out. All in all, the new gambling sites offer a wonderful opportunity for people to be creative and enjoy a true experience that is all about gambling.

OCA News Editor