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Online Casino Games for the American Public

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, as we all know, doesn’t ban online casino gambling but rather makes it impossible for firms to generate profits. How so? Well, financial companies are forbidden from working with gambling firms and they are not allowed to accept payments for gambling services. This means that players cannot deposit any money into the virtual casino, and the gambling firm can’t make any money. However, it doesn’t mean that offering gambling services is illegal. Bets Go Wild, an online gambling service provider, decided to take advantage of the situation. The company’s services are technically aren’t consider as “gambling” because they are offered for free and there is no need to wager real money.

Many people would be happy to know that US Facebook members are able to place bets through Bets Go Wild’s system. And the best part is – there is nothing illegal about it! The company offers the American public an online gambling service, though without real money, that they can use freely. Million of Americans woke up to a no-gambling world once the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was accepted by the Senate. Gambling is a form of home entertainment and now players can play once again. Bets Go Wild is not the only company that offers free gambling services in the United States, but not too many people realize that such service exists.

The word ‘online casino gambling’ got a different meaning after the enactment of the bill and people tend to associate online gambling in the United States to something illegal. If you are fan of online gambling than you should know that there are many services that offer free gambling games that you can enjoy and play all the time, even if you are a citizen of the United States. Look for the no-money features at real online casino, or look for gambling games in other virtual entertainment platforms.

OCA News Editor