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Online Casino Bill Gaines Further Support

The road ahead is still long, but Barney Frank’s proposal regarding online gambling is making way. Frank is using his extensive experience in legislative work to promote his proposal. The Congressman’s bill addresses the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and hopes at changing it in a way that’ll bring back online casinos to the American public. Although the industry was held high hopes for Frank’s bill, the demands for regulation and taxation left most people with mixed feelings.

Currently, online casinos are unable to operate within the United States. Offering Americans online gambling services is legal, but financial transactions form gambling firms are inapplicable and no real business can take place. Frank wants to change this very aspect of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and to offer a different system. The idea is that the state shouldn’t tell people what kind of entertainment they should enjoy. But that is not all. Frank knows that passing such a law that allows online gambling in the United States, won’t be easy – and that is why taxation is involved. By taxing the industry, money could be used to benefit with the community, and that, hopefully, will convince politicians that the online casino industry could be used to make good.

The Congressman’s aids are reporting the Frank gained the support of another three sponsors. Representatives Howard L. Berman, Bob Filner and James McGovern decided to side with Frank and help the pro online casino initiative. So far, there are about 20 followers and Frank is hoping to raise awareness to the bill and gain the support of additional individuals. Only when Frank feels that he has sufficient support, he will take the bill to the House for a vote. All in all, things are looking positive, but you can never know which way political wind blows.

OCA News Editor