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US Players Say Goodbye to Three More Firms

American online casino players received another blow as Roxy Palace, Casino Splendido and Roxy Poker announced of their withdrawal from the American gambling market. Operating in the United States is not profitable enough, according to mentioned gambling firms, and starting June 11, they will cease their operations in America. As a direct result of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, enacted in October 2006, companies that offer internet gambling to American citizens are unable to work with financial firms. Therefore, generating revenue from the American market is very hard. Most of the big names in online casino gambling have already left the market months ago.

Not too long ago, the American market was the biggest online casino market in the world. The market was so big that operating outside of it was not even imaginable. However, in light of new legislation, United Stated casino players are an “insignificant” amount of business, as the casino group described the situation. But really, can you blame them? Gambling firms looking to survive must build a wide spread casino network that would cater for the global market. Foreign markets must be penetrated, Multilanguage websites and support centers must be built, etc. With such a large investment, it’s only logical for a firm to concentrate on their new business routes and abandon the old, which are now (in comparison) look pale.

In similar occasions, gambling firms that exited the United States’ market, gave their players a reasonable timeframe to adjust. This is not the case. June is rounding the corner, and casino players won’t have much time to recollect their funds and get accustom to the new situation. However, money will not be lost and everyone will get their share. The companies are not bankrupt and online casino player, a side from a slight inconvenience, would not be affected.

OCA News Editor