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Online Casino Players Believe Legal Ban Won’t Stand

With recent voices from Democrats about overthrowing the current ban over online casino gambling, a central information site that monitors the online gambling industry has conducted a poll asking people about their anti online casino bill’s future. Judging from the results, it seems that the industry’s future is going to be bright one. 75 percent of the online casino players that participated in the survey believe that the ban will be lifted in the next three years. 42 percent of the participants are pretty confident that Americans will be gambling on American sites before the end of 2007!

Although it seems that those online casino players are too optimistic, they have a lot to back their claims. Democrat Congressmen are constantly talking about changing the bill and reinstating online casino gambling in America. The bill did not stop American citizens from gambling, and it only damaged the American economy by chasing big online casino firms out of the United States. Political pressure is not the only factor in this legal mess. International pressure is also at work. The World Trading Organization believes that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is hypocritical and is pressuring the United States to address the matter. Some forms of online gambling is allowed, namely horseracing, and this issue must be answered by American authorities.

About 25 percent of the people asked, took the pessimistic approach and said that online casino gambling will never be legal in the United States again, and about 13 percent of the votes said that the ban will be lifted by the end of 2008. All in all, the legal situation is currently at fact, and financial companies are not allowed to process withdrawals and deposits of American online casino players. American players can play at online casino sites by using other means of payment, as online gambling itself isn’t addressed by the bill. Hopefully, we will hear good news in the near future and the whole legal question mark that is hovering over the US industry will vanish.

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