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Online Casino Chiefs No Longer Among US Rich

The online casino industry was once, not long ago, so enormous in the United States that it had an extended effect on many aspects of American life and business. Not only the gambling related activities, winners and losers of online casino games and the marketing and advertising markets they fueled, but also the famous Forbes rich list. This billionaires list that would appear in Forbes Magazine once a year had a presence of online casino chiefs and online gaming tycoons. Three such rich men were Bodog founder Calvin Ayre and both PartyGaming founders Ruth Parasol and Russell DeLeon. With the changes in the entire US market, the law banning online casino gambling specifically, they are now absent from the list.

The numbers are rather hard to grasp. They are so exceptional that last year, Calvin Ayre has actually made the cover of the magazine. The US government policy has changed the entire industry, pushed it out of the country and the chiefs off from the rich list. From a billionaire in US dollars, Canadian-born Ayre is nowhere to be found on the US rich list. Instead he is everywhere else around the world trying to establish his online casino brand name on different markets.

The US has proved conservative and the rich list is only one piece of evidence to show us this. The law banning online casino gambling has not kept all gambling chiefs off the list, though. India’s Anurag Dikshit who developed online casino software that has powered many large online casino operations, US companies included, is still on the list, at the 618th spot, with his own net worth of $1.6 billion. The direction in which the wind is blowing is clear. It is going west and east, south and north, away from the US.

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