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D’Amato and the US Online Casino Ban

Alfonse D’Amato, the former New York Republican Senator, who is known for his connections in Washington, is being called upon unofficially to help overturn the US online casino ban, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, or UIGEA. If he can’t help overturn this online casinos blockade, then perhaps he will at least be able to exempt poker from the ban. Seeing as how he enjoys a good game of poker now and again, he might be inclined to help online casino poker players get their game back.

Don’t ever underestimate Al. Certainly, D’Amato’s poker buddies have learned that lesson’, said former Representative Jim Leach. Another government official had this to say about D’Amato: ‘He’s tenacious, he’s fearless and he’s aggressive. He’s also really good at reading people,’ said Gary Melius, the host of the regular Monday games that D’Amato attends weekly. With such a love of poker, D’Amato might be the perfect candidate for online casino poker lovers to lean on to represent them. Online casino poker may have a friend in Washington.

The UIGEA has a delivered a severe blow to the online casino industry. Because of this new law, online casino players in the US are questioning whether or not they will ever be able to play online casino games within US borders again. Maybe D’Amato will be able to make a difference, and maybe not. Only time will tell if the US government will continue to enforce this law .Online casino poker players everywhere will be crossing their fingers, hoping for a brighter future.

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