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Americans Miss Online Casino Gambling

Gamblers, business chiefs and the average Joe all miss online casino gambling. The ban on online casino gambling passed by the United States has erased its dominance and leadership of the business overnight. Gamblers miss the chances of playing online casino games; business chiefs miss the excitement and opportunities that the industry has supplied en masse; and the average Joe will miss the tax money that could have benefited the economy and his own securities.

Many Americans, beyond the many who actually play online casino games, miss online casino gambling. The technology industry was a supplier of jobs and revenue, both in salaries and in tax money. While other economies are luring online casino companies and adjusting the law to accommodate a comfortable environment for them to operate in, the United States simply shut them off. Online casinos and the money they generate for the benefit of the economy are no longer welcome on US soil.

But will Americans really give up on online casino gambling? Certainly the United States will no longer be the center of companies’ focus and the place where all cutting edge developments are first presented. It will be a second tier market, at best. But even in this constellation, the ban is not believed by anyone to fully work. The market will still be rolling money, big money, only it will be away from the law enforcement authorities’ view and untaxed at that. The global market, which the United States is much the creator and leader of, is not easily to be overcome. Ignoring its accessibility and availability does not mean Americans won’t find other venues online to gamble at. Look at the United States and you will certainly still find gamblers. But you’ll need to look elsewhere on the globe to find the winners. They will not be the United States.

OCA News Editor

With a background in game development spanning 8 years, Sam Peterson is OCA’s leading authority in the world of online gaming. His focuses include new releases and gaming providers.