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Online Poker Back to Card Rooms

What is the reason for the recent blooming of card room business? The world of gambling is witnessing a somewhat surprising increase in business in local card room gambling. While the increase is quite obvious, the reasons for it are unclear. One school of thought suggests that the risks involved with playing online poker in the current uncertain state of online casino sites has more and more players moving to their local card room venues. Others, however, relate the increase in business with the exposure poker receives on television and in popular culture.

Some online poker players have been hurt by the ban on online casino gambling. Professional online poker players are reported to have lost hundreds of dollars at times, money that might still be returned to them, but when is yet unknown. Their advice, which online casino players may have come across and taken notice of, is “not play online anymore,” as one professional online poker player said. “I’m just going to go play at casinos. It’s more lucrative that way anyway,” he added.

Those who insist on continuing playing at online casino sites find the way to do so, industry insiders say. This puts in question the theory that the clampdown has sole responsibility for the increase in card room business. Alongside the online casino ban there is also more publicity for online poker and other games on television and in popular culture in general. This could very likely play a role in the increase of business as well. In fact, the increase in television shows about poker is timed well with both the ban on online casino gambling and the increase in the business of card rooms, about six months. In the business of gambling it seems they are all related.

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